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Programming: It's about how interested you are.

Had this tweet show up in my feed this morning and I think it's worth an explicit mention.  Eric Evans talks a bit about Domain Driven Design, a topic he's also not coincidentally published a book on many years ago:
Watch @ericevans0' talk from #DDDEU 2016: "Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software" — DDD Europe 2017 (@ddd_eu) April 11, 2016 Something I've been encountering in my travels as a developer and leader of developers is the varying levels of motivation, confidence and enthusiasm my peers conduct themselves with.  At one point during his talk, Eric speaks about how a hypothetical carpenter spends more time talking about his output than he does how he might use any particular tool.
Eric also - in my opinion - correctly highlights that the best people in the industry tend to be master technologists.  They constantly have their head in the space and are naturally disposed to aspects of technology an…