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Using Postgres on Docker with EF7 and ASP.NET 5

In an effort to get a better understanding of the ASP.NET framework, I've started a simple toy project from scratch.  I've really been enjoying how easy it is to plug everything together with Microsoft's reboot of the framework.  Just spin up a project.json file and get going, it's pretty impressive how much you can get done with so few files.
I think the community has been doing a great job with blog posts, so I've not had many opportunities to contribute any unique content that isn't already covered.

While working through things today however, I thought it might be nice to try and prove out how Entity Framework 7 can work with non-Microsoft databases and containers.  The most appealing at the time of writing being postgres thanks to the awesome work by the people over at npgsql.
Because I've been developing in Windows using Visual Studio, the first thing that would be nice is to not have to spoil my system with a database installation.  No surprise, docke…