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Changes to Packages and Configs in Laravel 5

I started a new project late in 2014 which I knew would be fertile ground to keep pace with the what's happening in Laravel 5.  It's been a great learning experience merging in changes from the upstream Laravel project branch as they happened.

The keen observer might have noticed however that Taylor made a commit on December 4th that "broke" support for packages designed to target Laravel 4.
@Omega_ ehhh maybe… i’ll see how it shakes out… need to finish that up next week
— Taylor Otwell (@taylorotwell) January 1, 2015
Patience is key, so I was happy to continue waiting for the next great thing.

In Laravel 4, packages allow their configurations to be overridden per environment.  A package can ship a default configuration which can then be copied into the project as a template to be combined with the original's settings at runtime.  Think of it as a really tricked out array_merge_recursive.
By removing ServiceProvider::package, what's being conveyed is that the…