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Moving away from Laravel Facades

Are you looking for a way to resolve things like translation, validation and config from the Laravel IoC? Look no further!

Make yourself a service provider (whether in a common tools package or in your project) and add the following to it in the register method:

$this->app->bind('Symfony\Component\Translation\TranslatorInterface', function ($app) { return $app['translator']; }); $this->app->bind('Illuminate\Config\Repository', function ($app) { return $app['config']; });
What you've done is mapped all the string-registered services to their most abstract but also most specific types.  Config is a good example of where you should be binding the class name and not an interface because the only interfaces it implements are ArrayAccess, and that's obviously wrong! :)

Happy constructor-injecting!

Laravel Project Architecture: The Missing Guide

At my job, we've been doing a lot of learning and development using Taylor Otwell's Laravel 4 PHP framework.  As we've become more familiar with it, we've had to come up with better ways to structure our projects outside of what the documentation indicates and the default distribution that is provided.

If you've been working with Laravel 4 for any amount of time or come with experience from another framework and are just getting started, you've probably noticed that there are a lot of different ways to cut up your projects.

Choice is nice, but sometimes it can be paralysing or misleading. Concrete Advice This post is done in such a way that you can just skim the headings, but if you want a detailed explanation in each section, feel free to read in where necessary.

While I can't say the entirety of my advice is in practice throughout the community, I can say that we are starting to use it, and to very good effect at my job.  Especially considering that our a…