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Integrating third party templates with your front end build system

I'm not by definition a front end developer, although because I do back end development, things like program structure and build systems are interesting to me regardless of whether they target servers or browsers.  So while I can't make something look pretty, I still enjoy managing the complexity of JavaScript/ES transpiled apps.

This is a seemingly trivial post in an area that I feel doesn't get enough attention sometimes.

We recently purchased and started using a premade template for some minor projects at work.  It actually looks quite nice, has a responsive layout and isn't too terrible.  My usual complaints of "too much markup" and "lots of busy spaghetti scripting" still hold true, but most of this seems to be quite fire-and-forget.

I ended up not being involved with the first few integrations of the template and while overall it ended up working, any trained eye could see where some of the cut lines were missed.

I had resolved that for the ne…