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Domain Layers and Subclassing an API in PHP

A friend of mine who I occasionally help with development tasks came to me the other day asking about starting a project which would involve leveraging an API.

Given that I develop APIs and domain architecture, this seemed like a pretty good fit for my talents.  I can produce the business logic and a simple chrome extension that talks to it and then we can explore further opportunities later, knowing that everything has been nicely abstracted.

I've coded against a few public APIs in my time for various things ranging from social media to push messaging.  Although each time, I'm always left feeling like what I did was never a first-class citizen in my project.  In many cases with APIs, you're only leveraging the external model, but in the case of my new project, I actually plan on "extending" it...

Read on if you're interested in any of the techniques involved, including repositories and project structure.
Extension Defined When working with an external set of…