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Hey look, a tech company from Winnipeg on TV!

My wife likes to catch up on her Dragon's Den and it makes for pretty good background listening while I study in the next room. The episode she was watching tonight featured an app called musi made by some local Winnipeg talent.  Cool, right?!

Not quite.
On the TV As I started to tune in, I heard the most important question get asked which was how they sourced their content.  The presentation could have ended after that question was answered.  It was all I needed to know to put together a guess in my head as to what they were doing.  With my skepticism locked in, I paused what I was working on to watch the rest, hoping that at least one of the dragons could pick up on the warning signs I - as a developer - was hearing.

Right away, numbers of downloads predictably made an appearance.  Nothing about active user base.  Then the amount of time spent developing and cost to operate came up.  Only $25 dollars for a single server and everyone was just blown away - who are these geniuses?